Reconditioned Hardware
Providing Aloha Software Users with a Lesser Cost Alternative For Their Hardware Needs. 

Tom Yacuk
Reconditioned Radiant Hardware
Terminals - Printers - Cash Drawers
We provide  Aloha users with a lower cost alternative for repairing and replacing Radiant hardware.  We do not sell Aloha software. 

We sell reconditioned Radiant Terminals and Epson printers. Products that we provide are as follows:
  • Radiant 1220 Terminals
  • Radiant 1515 Terminals
  • Radiant 1520 Terminals
  • Epson TM-T88III Thermal Printers
  • Epson U200/220 Impact Printers
  • Radiant Cash Drawers

We also provide component repair services for Radiant hardware. This service can repair touch screens, magnetic stripe readers, displays, power supplies, and main boards. We are extremely competitive to the Radiant corporate model which dictates terminal replacement for all hardware issues.

Our inventory is based on what products we are able to purchase. Contact us for availability of the exact model necessary.

We can ship terminals that are ready to plug into your current system. Once a site survey is completed we can setup terminals so that installation at your site can be as simple as plugging in the terminal, connecting the network cable, connecting the printers, and turning the terminal on.

We are NOT an authorized Radiant / Aloha Dealer.  We offer reconditioned Radiant hardware as a lesser cost alternative to new Radiant equipment. 

Tom Yacuk
1201 Pebble Beach Way
Eagle, ID 83616
(775) 741-0606
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